Below are some links to some of Dan's bands and a few other artists you should check out.
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1 Urban Folk Quartet
Dan Walsh, Joe Broughton, Paloma Trigas and Tom Chapman
2 Dan on Youtube
Search results for 'Dan Walsh banjo'
3 Rooksmere Studios
The studio used for Dan's last three albums
4 Deering Banjos
Dan's banjos of choice
5 D'addario
Dan's banjo and guitar strings of choice
6 Sublime Media Ltd
Designed this website!
7 Jim Soars PR
Publicist for Dan
8 Haystack Music
Dan's agent
9 Banjolit
The manufacturers of 'Dr Arm', an innovative new banjo armrest used by Dan
10 John Dowling
Superb Cornish banjo player and new duo partner of Dan
11 Alistair Anderson
Legendary concertina player and duo collaborator with Dan