Bruce MacGregor, BBC Radio Scotland

One of the most incredible musicians I’ve heard in years

Living Tradition

If one name is synonymous with the revival of interest in the banjo, it’s Dan Walsh

Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

A real world class banjo player

Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

Absolutely terrific


The real deal, a demon picker


His banjo playing is second to none in the UK and he’d put many to shame in the US too

Morning Star

Matches up virtuoso playing with winning songwriting


This artist is an inspiration


Eclectically inspired and consistently brilliant

Banjo Newsletter

One of the banjo’s true innovators

Rock Society

Staggering virtuoso picking, an excellent voice and finely crafted lyrics

Janice Long, BBC Radio 2

Incredibly gifted – if anyone has the opportunity to see him they must

Acoustic Magazine

Breathtaking and wonderful

Bright Young Folk

No genre out of his reach, incredible talent