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Touted as one of the finest banjo players in the UK as well as being a superb singer, songwriter and guitarist, Dan Walsh is described as 'the real deal' (UNCUT). He now has three critically acclaimed solo albums with new album Incidents and Accidents lauded as 'absolutely terrific' by Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2. As well as many tours of the UK, he also has recent successful trips to Canada, Germany, India, Norway and New Zealand to his credit. Having made his name with duo Walsh and Pound and now a member of the award winning Urban Folk Quartet, as well as guest appearances on stage and on record with the Levellers and Seth Lakeman, this unique and eclectic musician has stunned audiences across the world.

Dan Walsh uses Deering banjos, D'addario strings and Freshman guitars

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  • Service Station Traffic Jam?!

    Dear all,

    Good lord it's been a little while since my last blog hasn't it?! It's been a typically crazy time full of lots of travel and gigs galore. The administrative hellhole of US visas is almost over - my visa has been approved! Cue some frantic planning for a US trip next month (you know...the month that begins in two days time. AAAAHHH!) but I am very excited. Before then I'm off to Germany for a few gigs which will be a blast I'm sure and better still means I get to visit Papa Joe's Jazzlokal in Cologne again (see the archives for more info).

    So just where have I been? A little political rambling about Jeremy Corbyn aside I've been quiet on here since the end of July so let me bring you up to speed...The beginning of August brought a first appearance at Cambridge Folk Festival and a whole weekend's festival experience which is something I haven't done for a while. Of course back in the day when I was first gigging and was carless (note that isn't a typo, though careless was probably true as well...) I used to camp at festivals all weekend, Read more...