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Nominated for best musician at this year's BBC Folk Awards and touted as one of the finest banjo players in the UK as well as being a superb singer, songwriter and guitarist, Dan Walsh is described as 'the real deal' (UNCUT). He now has three critically acclaimed solo albums with new album Incidents and Accidents lauded as 'absolutely terrific' by Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2. As well as many tours of the UK, he also has recent successful trips to USA, Canada, Germany, India, Norway and New Zealand to his credit. Having made his name with duo Walsh and Pound and now a member of the award winning Urban Folk Quartet, as well as guest appearances with Joss Stone, the Levellers and Seth Lakeman this unique and eclectic musician has stunned audiences across the world.

Dan Walsh uses Deering banjos, D'addario strings and Freshman guitars

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  • Wonderful India

    Dear all,

    I am typing this blog on a long and fairly tedious flight from Mumbai back to London. (I then helpfully forgot to actually post it online til today…). The word ‘tedious’ certainly can’t be applied to the country I have just been in. India is an extraordinary place and is eternally fascinating. Many of the countries I have toured are perhaps quite similar in culture to the UK – Germany, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, USA etc. They are all very different to each other of course but India certainly stands alone in terms of being a completely different kind of place! My fascination with the music is well known to people who follow me and the influence has found its way into some of my work and collaborations. This trip was slightly different. I’m lucky enough to be an endorsed artist by the wonderful Deering Banjos and they invited me to join them in India in a trip primarily intended to research if there was a market for banjos out there and taking in Read more...