Walsh and Pound

‘Dan Walsh is the real deal, a demon picker and Will Pound is a master of the mouth harp’ – UNCUT

‘Brimming over with life force and genuinely charismatic musicianship’ – FROOTS

‘Great driving music’ – SPIRAL EARTH

‘Not a dull moment from start to finish’ – R2

The now defunct duo leave behind their sole album which attracted rave reviews. Spread across fifteen tracks is Walsh and Pound’s utterly unique sound based featuring sounds you wouldn’t think were possible on banjo and harmonica as well as some fine songs. The eclecticism is amazing as the duo delve into funk, bluegrass, English, Scottish and Irish folk, blues and even Middle Eastern sounds, all the while sounding very much like themselves with Will Pound’s seemingly never ending breath control and Dan Walsh’s lightning virtuosity.The material com

es from various sources with classic traditional tunes such as ‘Jolly Beggarman’ and ‘Old Tom of Oxford’, newer American songs ‘Hammer and Nail’ and ‘Clay and Ottie’, Robert Johnson’s ‘Stop Breaking Down’, Horslips’ ‘Wrath of the Rain’ as well as the duo’s own compositions the moving ‘Two Lives Lost’, the Eastern flavoured ‘CCC’ and ‘Turkish Delight’ and bluegrass trailblazer ‘The Wrong Sample’. The duo are ably assisted by legendary guitarist Martin Simpson, American singer Christi Andropolis and genre-bending percussionist Taalis.