Live At The Floodgate

Live At The Floodgate


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Recorded before the first lockdown, Live At The Floodgate is the first live outing for top banjo player, singer and guitarist Dan Walsh. Recorded in his spiritual home of Stafford, the album sees a varied set featuring material from each of his five critically acclaimed albums as well as brand new material and old live favourites that have never been recorded before such as his version of Johnny Handle’s ‘Jack Crawford’ and his slap guitar version of Paul Simon’s ‘You Can Call Me Al’.

‘Live records can sometimes be a filler, a stopgap between studio recordings. This is decidedly not so, standing both as a primer for anyone unfamiliar with Walsh and being the greatest hits for those already fans. The joy and pleasure Walsh exudes in this live performance is striking. Live at the Floodgate captures the magic and glow of Walsh at his very best’ – FOLK RADIO

‘Live At The Floodgate puts together some of Dan’s best material and is a very varied set. If you think you don’t like banjo, take a listen or, better still, catch Dan live. It’s by far the best way’ – FOLKING.COM

Before the album’s official release, it is available only at gigs or by ordering direct from Dan via the paypal link.

O’Neill’s Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo

O’Neill’s Tunes For Clawhammer Banjo


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Well look at that, just in time for Christmas it’s here! My new book is available on Amazon in most countries. It’s my clawhammer arrangements of tunes from the legendary O’Neill’s collection of traditional Irish jigs, reels and hornpipes.
Included are lots of tunes in different keys within the same tuning so you can build up some sets of tunes for medleys in sessions rather than having to retune or recapo all the time! However, there are plenty of tunes in G tuning, double C tuning and sawmill as well as one in my newly invented A major tuning that allows the banjo to get those lower notes of a tune that are usually out of our range.
Please note the book is not aimed at beginners – the tunes are quite challenging although there is a fairly wide cross section of difficulties and there are a lot of detailed notes on how best to approach tabs in general and these tunes in particular. So hopefully there’s something for everyone.
It’s been a fun ride getting all of this together and I’ve discovered lots of fantastic new tunes in the process!

Tabs From The Vaults

Tabs From The Vaults

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One of the UK’s top clawhammer banjo players compiles a selection of tablature of clawhammer banjo compositions and arrangements taken from four studio albums. Dan Walsh has been described as ‘one of the banjo’s true innovators’ (Banjo Newsletter) and has toured the world with his unique take on the style.

This long awaited book sees his tabs published for the first time with a helpful guide to approaching the learning of the material also included. The tabs reflect Dan’s eclectic approach to banjo playing with a cross section of the many genres and styles he performs. Included are Celtic style tunes such as jigs and reels, bluegrass inspired tunes, an insight into Dan’s funky percussive style alongside his unique Eastern European and Indian influenced tunes. Aimed primarily at intermediate to advanced players.



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‘There really is no better banjo player in the country than Dan Walsh and this is his best album yet’ – R2
‘The breadth of stylistic invention is dazzling in keeping with the unchallengeable virtuoso playing’ – FROOTS
‘The tunes on the album are presented with precision, a dynamic that is both beautiful and fulfilling, a triumvirate that extends the passion in Dan Walsh ten-fold, Trio is quite extraordinary!’ – LIVERPOOL SOUND AND VISION
‘A lot to enjoy’ – SONGLINES
‘A real show stopper’ – FOLKING.COM
‘Dan’s approach to composition has this extra effort that reaches further and digs deeper—and they don’t end until they’re proven. Along the way he’s discovering and uncovering voices in the banjo that have often remain untouched’ – BANJO NEWSLETTER

After two stripped back solo albums, Dan Walsh returns with a brand new album featuring the new Dan Walsh trio with award winning fiddler Ciaran Algar (Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar, Sam Kelly and the Lost Boys) and mandolin maestro Nic Zuppardi (Shackleton Trio).

After two successful UK and European tours for the trio, the new material is now captured on record. Four of the numbers were premiered on BBC Radio Scotland with presenter Bruce MacGregor pronouncing Dan ‘one of the most incredible musicians I’ve heard in years’. Once again, the album is produced by long-time collaborator Mark Hutchinson.

The trio features virtuoso picking, sweet harmonies and imaginative arrangements. The album features Dan’s trademark wide range of influences centred principally around Scottish and Irish folk and bluegrass. It features seven instrumentals including hard driving bluegrass-style ‘Late Night Drive’, Celtic influenced ‘Tuesday Night Session’ and ‘Plan B’ as well as an imaginative Indian-influenced ‘Lydian Set’ and an African flavoured number ’80 Years Of Pleasant Half Hours’.

The five songs primarily focus on real life characters including a moving story of a homeless lady Dan met in Vancouver (‘Life On The Ground’) and a homage to a charismatic street cleaner in Dan’s hometown of Stafford (‘Same Time Different Place’). There’s also a cover of classic bluegrass standard ‘Sleep With One Eye Open’.

Verging On The Perpendicular

Verging On The Perpendicular

‘Dan’s astounding playing has it all, in spades, and his original songs are cool too’ – FROOTS

‘A real world class banjo player, terrific’ – TOM ROBINSON, BBC RADIO 6


‘If one name is synonymous with the revival of interest in the banjo it’s Dan Walsh’ – LIVING TRADITION

‘An accomplishment surely all folk and roots artist strive for: fresh reinvention of the old’ – FATEA

‘Reaffirms Walsh’s position as the pre-eminent British banjo player’ – ROCK SOCIETY

‘Well worth repeated listening’ – SONGLINES

‘The perfect balance of authenticity and flair’ – FOLK RADIO

‘Dan Walsh is a singular talent and the British roots scene should be glad to own him’ – R2

‘Dan walsh is poised to do for old time banjo what Bela Fleck did for bluegrass banjo: create something new, exciting and uncategorizable and achieve international stardom in the process’ – SAN DIEGO TROUBADOUR

‘Through imagination and great playing Walsh has produced a banjo album that’s not just a ‘banjo album’. If he set out to change opinions of the banjo, he is acheiving it’ – BRIGHT YOUNG FOLK

‘His incredible mastery of the instrument and ability to draw so much from the banjo that elevates his playing to another level’ – FOLKWORDS

‘When played by Dan Walsh, the banjo becomes an instrument of beauty and intrigue’ – SHIRE FOLK

‘Few banjo players can match Dan Walsh for range of repertoire, technique and imaginative compositions. His latest recording showcases this in both instrumental and singer-songwriter ability’ – TYKES NEWS

‘Mixes the traditional and the modern to great effect, this album spins with delight’ – LIVERPOOL SOUND AND VISION

After being nominated as Musician of the Year at the BBC Folk Awards, banjo maestro Dan Walsh returns with another exciting new album. Verging On The Perpendicular sees Dan Walsh revisiting his first musical love, that of traditional Irish and Scottish folk music but as usual with Dan there’s a fairly eclectic range of music, but particular focus is on revisiting his past influences. The new album comprises traditional tracks including a pair of Irish polkas, a jig and a reel mixed with two of his own compositions and a wonderful old song called The Suilin. Alongside this there’s a tune of his called The Vaults influenced by his great mentor Ken Perlman whose speciality is arranging a reel with variations rather than the traditional medley option. There’s even a pair of 7/8 tunes, the second of which was written as it sounded like an Irishman writing a Bulgarian tune!

As usual some of the original songs are influenced by his travelling the world, Leave This Land is about his sadness of leaving New Zealand after such a wonderful month there, Want What You Don’t Have recalls the many conversations he had with people about the pros and cons of the travelling musician’s life and Going To The USA tells the traumatic story of getting hold of a work visa in time for his first tour there. Indeed there are plenty of nods to his love of American roots music too. Funky Haystack showcases his love of funky banjo while Leave This Land is bluegrass through and through. There’s also a dose of the blues in Out Of Here, one of two tracks to feature Urban Folk Quartet colleague Tom Chapman on percussion.

Incidents and Accidents

Incidents and Accidents


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‘a shift in focus towards the importance of lyrics but no sense of playing down his ever brilliant banjo playing”shows Dan’s versatility in the most persausive light’ (FROOTS)

‘Absolutely terrific’ (MARK RADCLIFFE, BBC RADIO 2)

‘Proves he can match up virtuoso playing with winning songwriting’ (MORNING STAR)

‘This artist and this album are an inspiration. Get it. Hear it. Treasure it’ (MAVERICK)

Staggering virtuoso picking, an excellent voice and finely crafted lyrics’ (ROCK SOCIETY)

‘His banjo playing is second to none on the UK scene and he’d put many to shame in the US too’ (R2)

‘A must for your collection’ (LIVING TRADITION)

‘the voice has an appealing catch and when the fingers touch the strings, there are angels in the architecture’ (FATEA)

‘A banjo masterclass’ (SONGLINES)

‘Clawhammer is his forte and he shows it to fine advantage’ (ACOUSTIC)

‘A perfect blend of breathtaking playing with a gift for telling a story making for an exceptional record all round’ (FOLK RADIO)

‘A must have addition to any self discerning music fan’s collection’ (RHYTHM AND BOOZE)

‘A collection of the finest tunes you’ll hear this year’ (ARTREE)

INCIDENTS & ACCIDENTS is the highly anticipated follow up to Dan Walsh’s critically acclaimed SAME BUT DIFFERENT album release. On the new album we get to hear Dan in a more stripped back format with just a few guest appearances from Patsy Reid (fiddle), Nic Zuppardi (mandolin), Mark Hutchinson (percussion/vocals) and Canadian singer Meaghan Blanchard. The album was also produced by Mark Hutchinson at his Rooksmere Studios, known for producing albums by Blair Dunlop, Fabian Holland and of course Walsh & Pound. There are seven songs and four instrumentals. The song lyrics are a major focus on this album but there is still plenty of Dan’s signature fast and furious banjo playing to keep the fans happy. Of the livelier songs Time To Stay tells of Dan’s mixed emotions of moving back to his home town of Stafford after six years living in Newcastle upon Tyne along with the bluegrass inspired Lost Rambler , showing his love of the mountain music minor tunings. Of the slower songs, the contemplative Dancing In The Wind and The Song Always Stays are perfect examples, the former telling of a moving moment on a family holiday in Ireland and the latter relates to Dan and Nic Zuppardi’s experience of playing a gig to Scottish singer Glen Mason in a Surrey care home and rekindling his love of singing and performing in his twilight years. Dan originally started playing banjo due to his love of Scottish and Irish jigs and reels and the aptly named The Tune Set contains four tunes from a slow air building right up to a fast and furious reel with names inspired from touring from the Isle of Barra to New Zealand. To complete the musical world tour, Whiplash Reel displays Dan’s new found passion for Indian classical music.

The Same But Different

The Same But Different

‘Eclectically inspired and consistently brilliant’ – Froots

‘If anyone succeeds in making the banjo cool it will be Dan Walsh, he can play it all’ – R2

‘Reaches dizzying heights, wonderful’ – Acoustic

‘Breathtaking’ – Songlines

‘Highly recommended, a cracker’ – Fatea

‘No style out of his reach, incredible talent’ – Bright Young Folk

‘Some musicians are gloriously open and fortunately Dan Walsh is one of them, you can’t help but be swept along’ – Properganda

‘An essential purchase’ – Roots of the World

The long awaited second solo album from the UK’s finest clawhammer banjoist is now out featuring the Dan Walsh Band alongside several solo tracks. The band is:

  • Dan Walsh: Banjo, Vocals, Guitar
  • Rachel Newton: Harp, Vocals
  • Christi Andropolis: Fiddle, Vocals
  • Nic Zuppardi: Mandolin
  • Jon Proud: Bass
  • Adam Sinclair: Drums, Percussion

Including live favourites ‘More About You’, ‘When A Man’s In Love’ and ‘At Least Pretend’ alongside a clutch of new songs and tunes featuring an amazing band who’ve worked with The Shee, The Unthanks, Therapy, New York Dolls and Bellowhead among others. Also see the video below for an interview preview of the album from Dan.

Tomorrow’s Still To Come

Tomorrow’s Still To Come


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‘An amazing debut album from the new kid on the block – move over Mr Lakeman, the banjo virtuoisity is truly amazing’ MAVERICK MAGAZINE

‘One of the banjo’s true innovators, I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next’ – BANJO NEWSLETTER

‘An exciting debut from an energetic banjoist’ – FROOTS

‘Stunning player destined for great things’ – LIVING TRADITION

This is his first solo album featuring a multitude of styles from the banjo-led funk of ‘Hammer and Nail’ and ‘Deep Down’, to the Arabic sounding banjo-harp duet ‘Mwashah/Egypt Cottage’ to the bluegrass of ‘Every Day Is A Better Day’, even delving into Northumbrian folk on ‘Northumberland and Back’.

Assisted by an excellent supporting cast of fine players on harmonica, bass, drums, harp, flute, piano and pipes, this is an eclectic and entertaining debut showcasing an extremely fine and creative banjoist.


  • Dan Walsh: Banjo, Vocals, Guitars
  • Rachel Newton: Harp, Vocals
  • Will Pound: Harmonica
  • Sean Taylor: Bass
  • Will Schrimshaw: Drums
  • Kieran Szifiris: Flute
  • Paul Knox: Northumbrian Pipes
  • Luke Martin: Piano

Urban Folk Quartet

Urban Folk Quartet

Le Monde est un Village

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Dan is a member of the award winning Urban Folk Quartet. Click here for the UFQ shop.

In an age where the word “folk” encompasses everything from acoustic pop to hardcore traditional music, the use of such labels to distinguish one musical experience from another has arguably been stretched farther than ever.

The Urban Folk Quartet’s distinguishing features have much less to do with the traditional idea of genre. Yes, this is fiddle-led music that draws heavily from celtic dance forms and traditional song but from there on in it is unlike any folk band you have ever heard. Just as English country dance unassumingly met with big band jazz musicianship in the mid 20th century, The UFQ’s approach to the folk ethos is to embrace any and every influence that genuinely makes sense of their time and place and makes sense in their music. From funk grooves to middle-eastern melodies, afrobeat to north Indian rhythms.

“A sizzling hot ensemble who fuse folk with elements of dub, house and rock with an ease that shouldn’t naturally follow that list of genres. Built on the rhythms of a cajón-wielding percussionist and oud-playing bassist, the phenomenal fiddlers led the quartet in one of the tightest line-ups I have ever seen.” – Olivia Haughton, Songlines


The first of those phenomenal fiddlers is Galician Paloma Trigás, who has shared stages and recorded with with the likes of The Chieftains, Sharon Shannon and Altan, during her tenure touring the stadiums of the world with Spain’s biggest folk star, Carlos Nuñez. The second is Joe Broughton (Albion Band, Bellowhead, Joss Stone) long established on the folk scene as the fieriest English fiddler and showman of his generation. Also an exceptional guitarist and mandolin player, in UFQ Joe deftly shares multi-instrumentalist duties (often mid-song) with Dan Walsh. Touted as one of the finest banjo players in the country as well as a gifted singer and guitarist, Dan (Seth Lakeman Band, The Levellers, Walsh & Pound) joined UFQ in 2014, as guitarist, oud player and founding member Frank Moon stepped out of touring life. The lineup is completed by Tom Chapman, widely considered to be the most accomplished and innovative cajonero the UK has to offer.

With the vibrant and diverse Birmingham music scene as a fundamental influence, UFQ is a truly international band. Foreign touring and globally- influenced music have been at the heart of what they do since day one, when in June 2009 their first four gigs took place in four different countries.

Since then UFQ’s trail has blazed across the world, playing everything from secluded coves to 30,000 capacity festival fields, igniting audiences and winning them a devoted fan base from The Bay of Biscay to edge of The North Pacific. UFQ’s cross-genre appeal sees them occupying a singular position, crossing scenes and continents and sharing bills with the most eclectic range of artists. It only gets wilder…

Right At Home

Right At Home

‘Only musicians who have both a mastery of their own instruments and a comprehensive understanding of each other’s abilities can achieve this level of chemistry whilst making it all sound really laid-back and casual’ – LIVING TRADITION

‘This collaboration, which spans two generations of folk musicians, exudes a warmth and energy which readily compliments high-class technical musicianship’ – EDS

‘Nifty fun with bags of wow factor’ – FROOTS

The much acclaimed cross-generational pairing of legendary concertina player Alistair Anderson and exciting banjo player Dan Walsh is finally on record.

Please note this album is only available from direct order from for £12 including postage and packaging. Please specify in the message which album you are buying.