A few rants

Dear all,

Well UFQ are off and running on our tour as we kicked off with a couple of cracking gigs in Cornwall. First up was Calstock Village Hall at a rather funkily laid out gig which involved a lot of dancing around from us and the audience. Much fun was had although the gig was somewhat marred by Joe’s guitar falling off the back of the stage during a song thus rendering it unplayable…fortunately a nice couple in the crowd managed to source an acoustic guitar for us and even lent it to us for the next night which was very kind of them. Helland Village Hall came next even though the chap we met in the pub in the afternoon seemed to genuinely not believe that that’s where we were playing. He asked, we said and his response was ”ELLAND? ELLAND?!’ over and over and over and over…again. He was quite pissed. Anyway ‘elland it was and what a belter! The largely youthful crowd went bananas and we had an absolute ball. I’m thrilled to be in UFQ and there’s lots more to come – check out the giglist on the..gigs page.

A couple of other things I wished to throw in this week. Firstly a rant about UKIP. Now, I have never been a big fan of dismissing a point of view be it on politics or anything else. So I’m not a big fan of ‘everyone who reads the Mail must be racist’ or ‘anyone who believes in maintaining the environment must be a screaming hippy’ or whatever it may be. That said, I would believe that the bulk of UKIP supporters weren’t racist if it didn’t so happen that virtually every UKIP voter I’ve ever met talks obsessively about immgrants and Islam and never a single other area of political discourse. But put that to one side…

My real rant (and I’ve no idea why it needed a new paragraph) is about these dratted posters of theirs. 26 million European immigrants are after British jobs say UKIP. No, 26 million people unemployed in the EU…THAT INCLUDES PEOPLE IN THE UK YOU MORONS! Plus those people are going to look for jobs throughout the UK not just UK. So actually, we’re not going to be invaded by 26 million European immigrants. That’s bollocks. Oh and the woman in UKIP’s brochures quoted as a UKIP voter…works for them. So UKIP aren’t the ‘only honest party’ deluded voters think they are, they’re liars and twats just like the rest…just more prejudiced.

So that’s that. The other is a status I posted on facebook which attracted an unbelievable amount of likes and a couple of disgruntled comments. For those non-facebookers amongst you this was my status:

Good lord I’ve just remembered why I don’t look at my news feed very much. Tedious facebook statuses are so…well tedious! The self indulgent crap of ‘have had a really bad day’ or ‘why are friends so fake’ or ‘I’ve got such a hard decision ahead of me’. What you clearly want is for people to comment and ask you what is wrong. Well here’s an idea…why don’t you just say what it is you want to announce to everyone instead and stop being so bloody weepy and moany about it!

Now in an attempt to gruntle those who were disgruntled, this is not a dig at people posting about something where they are saying what is wrong so if they’re ill, or if they’ve lost someone or they are sad about being single. Whatever it is, if you choose to tell your story through facebook I don’t mind. But what I cannot be doing with are the deliberately cryptic ones such as ‘I could do without this’ or ‘am I the only one who thinks friendship matters’ so that people comment and ask what is wrong. It’s self indulgent and sums up what I hate about facebook.

That is all.