A gig made by scousers

Dear all,


Much fun was had in the Grog last night thanks in no small part to a cracking group of scousers who walked in and immediately brought the place to life with their quick wit and smiles. It was a really fun night and I had a great chat with them afterwards as well. By an amazing coincidence, there was also a woman from Stafford who used to work with my dad and who last saw me when I was about 4! She was also lovely and helped to make the gig so enjoyable.


So then, a little story to illustrate how spannerful I can be on occasion. For tonight’s gig in Inverness I booked myself a hotel room. This was sensible. However, to my horror I realised this morning that I had not noted it down anywhere and could not for the life of me remember what it was called. In most places this would not be a huge problem but in the biggest city in the highlands, one of the most popular tourist areas around, it is. So I tried to retrace it but it took me a phenomenal amount of time until finally I stumbled across it and recognised the webpage. Lesson for you here: always have a pen.


And remember to write stuff down.