A lovely story

Dear all,

I write to you from Kilkenny where I decided to spend a few hours on my way to Cork for my first ever Irish gig tonight. A lovely story for you:


Fifteen years ago I was on holiday with my parents in this fine city and went to a music shop called Essaness Music. I got a bodhran and a lesson from the chap in the shop. I loved it and I still play the instrument today after being inspired by him that day. Well today I stumbled across the shop again, popped in and lo and behold there he was! He was chuffed to bits at having inspired me. Cheers Frank!


Anywgig the gig in Norwich was an awful lot of fun, as was the ale and whiskey afterwards while Derby was a small but appreciative crowd.


The ferry experience was fun what with a very sweary group of lads oh they were great. Mercifully they popped off to bed before long (it was an overnight ferry). I then had the thrill of driving in Dublin where red lights are a fairly meaningless feature it seems…Anyway I’ve been reminded already how much I love Ireland, have missed it since my family holidays and so respect the friendly and hospitable people that inhabit it. Happy days.