A tad awkward

Dear all,


I write to you from the Paddington in Auckland where I am excited to say I shall be watching yes watching a gig tonight. One of the worst things about being a musician is you never actually get to go to a gig! But tonight I’m watching the amazing 10 String Symphony and Tattletale Saints; two stunning duos who I had the pleasure of jamming with at Auckland Folk Festival.


I’ve had a most excellent time here. It’s been great to catch up with Tom from my first ever band and it was great and extremely nostalgic to jam with him again! We finally got the ruddy CD’s as well so that’s all good. So what have I been up to? Well I met up with the musicians from the festival again and had an almighty jam and dinner which was really fantastic. Tom and I headed to the beach as well which was spectacular to look at and wonderfully refreshing swimming in the sea. That’s not refreshing as in Whitley Bay in January, that’s genuinely nicely refreshing in baking sun. I also had a night out in Auckland at a wonderful restaurant overlooking the city and then a drink in a fun little dive called The Wine Cellar. I’m only sorry to report that the ridiculous cherade of serving food on chopping boards and pieces of slate has made it out here as well.


Perhaps most memorable of all, I was sitting on a bench in Auckland using my phone when a lady comes over and says something I didn’t quite catch. I asked her to repeat it and she said ‘did you know you have two sexy bitches sitting behind you’ and walked off. I then heard two very giggly Asian girls behind me and looked round and said ‘this is isn’t awkward at all’. I’m not sure they caught what I said and looked slightly scared. So what was a bit of an awkward moment became a really really awkward moment.