Anyone have a spare laptop?

Dear all,

Applogies for a relative lack of bloggage our here in New Zealand. My laptop is still working beautifully with one rather notable aspect an exception – the screen is so faint as to make it unusable. Before anyone asks, yes I have tried turning the brightness up! However, as I believe I have mentioned in a previous blog, doing these on my iPhone is an almighty throb in the posteria so I thought I’d wait til tour’s end to tell you all about it. Just three gigs to go now starting in the lovely Boathouse in Nelson. Lots to tell you, will do when I get back (or in an airport bored out my mind if I can find wifi).

But in the meantime, just to say there’s lots of new gigs on the gigs page to look at. A big solo tour in March and April beckons when I get back with a few special guests on some then it’s my first tour as a member of the Urban Folk Quartet in April/May. Well, obviously I suppose my New Zealand tour is my first tour as a member of them since I am one now, what I meant was May will be my first tour playing with them as a member. Not that I’ve gigged at all with them yet but…sorry I’ll stop there.

Anyway, a little rant or observation for this entry. Recently I’ve had a selection of emails from ‘Yahoo’ who I have an email account with. The mails warn me that my account will expire unless I update it to a new format and they’re even good enough to provide me with a link. Isn’t that nice of them? I can’t help but think this scam would be more convincing if the email address wasn’t Just a thought. Please don’t email that address by the way, it wasn’t exactly that but it did contain the words joe and In addition to this, I’ve had a number of comments on blogs recently from ‘people’ who’ve left comments such as ‘your writing is goods to peoples come find me at…’ or words to that effect. But the best one was on my 2013 review where it said ‘we all have relationship problems, you obviously want to get back with your boyfriend’. I didn’t publish these comments on the grounds that I have never had a boyfriend, despite my support of gay marriage I am not in fact gay and finally…these ‘people’ are obviously hacking bastards, hackstards if you will.