Auckland Folk Festival

Dear all,

Well New Zealand got off to a pretty spectacular start! Auckland folk festival is one of the finest festival gigs I have ever done. I got a lovely response from the crowd and better still, I met some wonderful musicians with whom I had some great jams including one on stage in the final concert. Special mention to 10 string symphony, a mighty fiddletastic American duo, Mark Mazengarb who is an astounding New Zealand guitarist, Emily Roughton a fine fiddler and Vanessa and Cy who are a wonderful double bassist and singer/guitarist respectively. What fun we had!

The people here are so friendly and hospitable, based on my experience so far anyway. I’ve known my fair share of festivals, but to be at one where I feel I made so many new friends is pretty remarkable. There was a great atmosphere everywhere. After the festival, we headed for a post-festival brunch soiree at a spectacular house not far away. There was loads of us there and we played some tunes, ate a lot and took a dip in their swimming pool which in this heat was highly pleasant!

So New Zealand has started well…apart from a small hiccup with my sent over CDs getting held up at customs but all is sorted now so I’ll have them for the rest of my tour. I had a box with me in my hand luggage which I sold out of at the festival. Those who still wanted one are on a list so I’ll sort out getting one to you, any New Zealand readers! I will also be on New Zealand radio while I’m here and a slot on Good Morning TV as well. I like New Zealand!