Buy some sodding headphones!

Dear all,


Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since my last outing. Plenty of work this month but a relatively quiet gigging month before the mayhem of November! Anyway lots to tell you about. First up after my last blog was an appearance on BBC Radio Stoke which was good if a tad stormy in places! Hope you enjoyed it those who listened.


The main gig to tell you about was my final festival appearance of the year at Musicport in Whitby. I had a great slot in the main theatre at about 8 and it was wonderfully packed out. The audience were very nice and I had a bloody great time and it was a terrific festival too with so much diversity. Thanks to all those who came out to see me and put themselves on the mailing list. I’ll be pestering you shortly…


So coming up in November, I’ll be touring with the amazing Suhail Yusuf Khan. We’re heading up and down the UK so do come and see us. Dates are on the gigs page and a preview of what we’re doing can be found here:


Now as it’s been a while I have a variety of daft things to rant about or tell you this time so here goes. Firstly I have travelled on trains quite a bit this month going to and from London. Don’t worry, this is not another train rant merely a couple of observations. Firstly, I have identified a particular twat group which is those that listen to music on trains (or walking down the street come to that) by non-headphone means. It is so unbelievably rude obviously, but it is also utterly pointless and what exactly is it supposed to achieve? Is it just an expression of ‘control’, i.e. I’m better than you so I’ll play my music as loudly as I want? What it actually gives the impression of, much as groups of lads in pubs being as loud as possible and saying that they’re ‘mad’, is having very small genitalia. I’m always intrigued and possibloy envious of these people’s ability to ignore what people must actually be thinking. Or is it that they genuinely don’t know? Can they not see that people are not thinking ‘god look at that man with his music on loud, he must be so cool’ but rather ‘look at that total tool playing his music out loud, what a small penis he must have’.


On a lighter note, I’d like to give a shout out to the amusing noisy sleeper on the train back from London to Stafford. This guy had clearly been working unbelievably hard as he went to sleep pretty much as we pulled out of London Euston. He then began to snore fairly gently which gave us mild amusement. Then he began to break into much louder snoring and those hilarious moments when he gave much louder snorts and fidgeted in the process. He then dramatically arose and realised he must have been snoring as everyone was trying to laugh. Bless you sir, much entertainment had!