Golf – a radio sport?

Dear all,


Amazing night as ever at Joxers last night thank you one and all for a much needed boost. It never ceases to amaze me the generosity and support from the people of Stafford and I am always grateful for it. It was a really fun night, fairly raucous but that’s the beauty of a pub gig! Delighted that another great review of the new CD is in. Three all excellent and another load to follow very imminently – I am very pleased about this.


Anyway I had to blog, well of course I didn’t that was a silly thing to say but anyway I am doing so, because I turned on the radio yesterday to listen to the afternoon’s football and what do I find? They’re not commentating on the football. I mean that’s fair enough, not everyone is into football and I get that and 5live is not a football-only station that’s fine. But do you know what they were commentating on? Golf. I mean to say GOLF?! As with my previous blog about the absurdities of three pundits analysing everyone getting a strike in ten-pin bowling on TV, I acknowledge that these golfers unquestionably have supreme talent. I do not dispute that for one second but golf as a radio sport?! I mean how can you possibly engage with golf on the radio? On TV it’s fairly mind numbing but you can see it, but on radio?!


I was somewhat bewildered and felt the need to share…