Happy new year!

Dear all,

A very happy new year to you all. Sorry for the radio silence over the last month or so but 2019 sees me feeling refreshed after the Christmas break and ready to take on the world again! Actually I wouldn’t dare take on this world in a million years (Brexit eh?) but you know what I mean.

2019 sees the release of not one but two new albums! Both UFQ and Dan Walsh Trio will be putting out records in the first part of the year which is extremely exciting. I’m also returning to the USA in June to teach at Midwest Banjo Camp and do a short tour of California. Trips to Canada and Germany are also in the calendar!

Last year was a remarkable year really. Australia and New Zealand kicked things off in style, the former for the first time and the latter for the third. Both places treated me exceptionally well and the people were as delightful as ever. Then two UK tours with UFQ, one with my trio, a splattering of solo gigs, plenty of festivals, trips to Canada and Italy on my own and throughout Europe with UFQ (be interested to see how long that carries on…) So yes it was quite good really. But it was certainly bloody knackering! So I have taken a bit of a new year’s resolution to have one or two breaks here and there but I shall still be out touring plenty and it’ll be great to have more time to actually write music!

So then I’ve got a little bit of a rant for you to begin the year. Stupid sodding phones. I don’t know if you’ve had the same experience but I was waiting in the queue at the tills and there’s two self service machines free and some twit hadn’t noticed because their eyes are glued to the screen of their bastard phone. And the worst part…that twit was me. Happy new year everyone.