How to feel like a plank

Dear all,


Well it’s not been too long since my last blog but I thought I’d update you particularly as I have a rant to get off my chest, a bizarre sighting and a classic ‘could only happen to Dan’ experience, although this one through my stupidity rather than bad luck. Anyway first things first, the Seth gigs continue to be much fun. I’ll be sorry when the last two which are this week are over, but I hope there may be more in the future. Manchester was excellent as we played at the Royal Northern College of Music which is where Seth’s percussionist Cormac Byrne studied. It was a cracking gig and much fun was had. Next up was Scunthorpe, possibly not the most salubrious place in the world but an excellent crowd and again much fun had by all. Tomorrow night we’re in Buxton and I also join the band in Birmingham on Thursday.


Here’s a wee photo from Manchester which is rather good:


Dan with Seth at Manchester


So then, some stories. Firstly we encountered the most extraordinary thing in Scunthorpe. We came out of the backstagey bit of the venue to go and get a bite to eat when we encountered a sign which read ‘Tel Delivery Service’ and then a phone number. Now nothing unusual in that of course except, it was upside down. Why exactly is it upside down? Why would there ever have been a reason for it to be upside down? Odd. Anyway here’s a photo if you’d like to see it:


Seth confused

A little rant then: why on earth aren’t some people remotely self concious when conducting a quite phenomenally loud, expletive-laden argument in public. I was at Elephant and Castle station yesterday and could not believe the ludicrous row this woman was creating in her phone conversation. Clearly the gentleman on the other end of the phone had done something considerably grievious although it was difficult to fathom the gist between the torrent of rude words. I could not imagine being that angry at anyone in the first place, well ok maybe I could, but I certainly couldn’t imagine talking like that so loudly in full view and audible distance of everyone else. For heaven’s sake, have a row on your own!


Anyway, enough of that. I must tell you about looking like a plank. I went to the Royal Northern College of Music on Friday to play with Seth which as I said above was excellent. But the problem was I couldn’t find my way anywhere within the damn place. Granted my sense of direction is about as useful as a combination locked briefcase with the combination missing, but it really was something of a maze. Anyway when I arrived I located what I assumed to be the bit I needed which had a sign saying ‘concert hall’. I therefore went up to the door and opened it only to find myself next to the stage in the middle of a classical concert for the public. All eyes were drawn to me, banjo cases and all. If ever you want to feel like an unmitigated plank, I can assure you this is a damn good way to do it.