Let’s all salute Jamie Carragher…and let’s all laugh at Gove and Huhne

Dear all,


Well I am off to India tomorrow. Good heavens! The plan is for a fair amount of blogging to go on while I’m out there so hopefully you should hear plenty of me anyway! I’m very excited by the trip though singularly cheesed off that I’ve managed to get a rotten cold the day before leaving but hopefully a bit of night nurse and a good sleep will make it more bearable!


Anyway I’ve a few things I’d very much like to write about. Firstly Gove and Huhne…hahahahahahaha! The former’s ludicrous plan to eliminate all ‘improper’ subjects from the school system to fit in with his idea of a perfect school has thankfully been abandoned after not even his own party members would agree with it. To read the words ‘humiliating u-turn’ was so pleasurable today. The man is a curse on the civilised world and a dangerous man to be in charge of education and I hope this is the start of his demise. Brutal as that sounds, it’s true.


As for Huhne, well honestly what a prat. I mean to be honest if all that ever happened was he asked (note that word asked) his wife to take points for him and she agreed, I honestly wouldn’t particularly care. Many married couples I know would do that, and politicians have done far far far worse things and for me it wouldn’t be a sackable offence in itself. But of course, it’s not as simple as that. He cheated on his wife of 26 years for one thing with no intention of revealing so until his hand was forced. That’s pretty bad. It turns out he was probably rather aggressive in getting his wife to take the points on his behalf. That’s arguably worse. Then there’s the fact he denied it continuously in the hope that it would go away and he’d never have to face up to it. That’s really bad and just shows an attitude typical of politicians – no-one can get me. So Chris, enjoy prison. Hahahaha!


Anyway, much more importantly I want to salute Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher who has announced he is retiring at the end of the season. My favourite player of all has been an absolute stalwart since his debut back in 1997, not long after I first got into football. After some jittery early years Carra developed into one of the finest centre backs in the land and was the most hard working, decent, honest footballer I have come across. Not for him the trendy earrings, flash cars, affairs, excesses and contract disputes. He was simply a one-club man who played his heart out for the cause and is a shining example of what someone of not plenteous natural ability can achieve with graft. Never was this more evident than that famous night in Istanbul when Liverpool won the European Cup and Carra was wracked with cramp in both legs yet still flew into goalline clearances to keep out Milan. Jamie Carragher is a Liverpool legend and we will always miss him. Thanks Carra.