Live album and tours!

Dear all,

I have some exciting news to share with you. My new album will be a live one! For the first time I’ll be releasing a live album which is to be recorded in January in my old hometown of Stafford. I’m really excited to capture the energy of the gigs, live solo versions of songs I’ve recorded down the years, some live favourites not previously recorded and a few new numbers too. The album will be available on my solo tour in April/May/June in the UK and Canada. Exciting!

Two foreign tours to tell you about then. It’s back to Australia in February as I head to WA for a couple of weeks after a successful visit back in 2018. Then in June I am super excited I’ll be back to Canada for my fourth tour of the east coast! It’s a beautiful part of the world full of wonderful people and I feel privileged indeed to be part of Prince Edward Island for a few days at the Festival of Small Halls.

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough, I’ve also been in the studio recording with UFQ. My parts are pretty much down now and the album is going to sound amazing! It is of great benefit to have a recording engineer and producer in the band so good old Joe has been hard at it and he has a lot more work to do still. Then again, listening to banjo all day can’t be all bad can it?

See you down the road!