Mars bars

Dear all,


So the Seth Lakeman gigs began on Tuesday in Shrewsbury at the Severn Theatre which was a fantastic experience. I was amazed by the sheer number of photos Seth is asked to pose in with girls! The man has quite an effect on them all…he is also an amazing performer and it was great to do. I do so again tonight in Manchester and then tomorrow in Scunthorpe. Thanks to those who have twatted at me to tell me how much you enjoyed it. I also did a very enjoyable gig at the Swan in Stafford last night for a group of tourists from a whole host of European countries and that was a pleasure as well.


It’s a fairly short blog today as I’ve got to head off, but I did want to have a long overdue rant which I forgot to post when the news came out. I read in the paper that the makers of Mars Bars had asked the chip shop in Scotland that sells the deep fried version to make it very clear that Mars did not associate themselves with this product, because it is so unhealthy. They said that they approved of a ‘healthy diet’. Do they now? Is that why they sell a big slab of chocolate, caramel, fat and calories for people to eat? Do you know the first thing I think when I eat my mars bar (a food item of which I must say I am quite fond) is thank God I’m having one of my five a day.