Mud Glorious Mud

Dear all,

Well I am muddy. I am in a hotel on the Isle of Wight and despite wearing wellies (which my poor comrade Mr Pound did not have, poor sod) I somehow managed to get mud on my trousers and a quite prodigous amount of mud on my banjo cases and bag and indeed my car. Still not to worry, I frankly don’t give a jot because Priddy Folk Festival and Isle of Wight Folkstation were bloody fantastic and no less. Wonderful gigs with terrific crowds, good CD sales and great atmospheres. Thanks to one and all, especially to the Isle of Wight organisers for allowing us to watch the Wimbledon final in their caravan! On that note, poor Andy Murray. He played superbly and was unlucky enough to be playing the greatest player of all time. His tears at the end of the game were very moving and I think everyone’s warmed to an admittedly sometimes difficult character just that little bit more after that.

Prior to that, I played a corporate function gig in Cambridge which is a rare thing indeed for me. Surprisingly, I rather enjoyed it. It was very nice indeed to play an hour and a half of instrumental banjo and try out some tunes I hadn’t played in a long time. The people there were appreciative and there was lots of free food including a mountain of meat and a chocolate fountain…what’s not to like?!

I’ve just watched question time, a show to which I am nothing short of addicted, on iplayer and I have a question to ask. Who in God’s name decided it would be a good idea for Johnny Rotten to be on the panel? I mean I think the non-politician member of the panel is a staple of the show and some excel such as Brian Cox, Hugh Grant (on the hacking episode) and Tony Robinson. But Question Time is not an entertainment programme, it’s a debate and it’s pretty much the one programme we have where politicans can be directly tackled by the public. So why invite an ill mannered oaf who was frankly rude, dense and woefully unfunny and a tedious self parody. Some things are best left in the 70’s or in the case of the Sex Pistols perhaps just generally forgotten.