Multiple translations…

Dear all,

I write to you from a very beautiful Switzerland. This is the view from the hotel…

Not bad eh? This is the hotel ahead of our appearance at 1am (!) for an hour and a half (!!) straight after Status Quo (!!!) tonight (tomorrow?) at Lakeland festival. We’re here for a few days before heading home. It’s been rather a crazy time since my last bloggage and it has been a while since a blog in my usual style so I ought to bring you up to speed. July and August has basically been festival-tastic mixed in with recording two new albums! Here’s the festival lowdown first:

Maverick, Suffolk – second time at this one and a cracker it is too with lots of Americana goodness

Folk In A Field, Norfolk – UFQ played this one and we had a good old party! See photo…

Folk At The Hall, Wales – lovely little festival this one. Rura were great!

New Forest Festival, Hampshire – another nice festival and some familar faces!

Fi Fest, Staffordshire – a festival at someone’s house! It was an absolute cracker and lovely to see Edwina Hayes too

Music On The Marr, Cumbria – great to see my parents as always and wonderful to play this delightful little festival. Absolutely lovely.

Middle Of Nowhere Festival, Penkridge – it’s a novelty/pain-in-the-arse to have a festival gig fifteen minutes drive from your house but have to drive to it from Cumbria! Ah well, it was worth it. Great to bring UFQ to this, one of my favourite festivals and one that has been very good to me over the years

Guiting Festival, Guiting Power – lovely part of the world and the festival was lovely too. Sabela, daughter of my UFQ colleagues Joe and Paloma came and stole the hearts of all as always…I also played in the sand a lot more than in recent years

Ringsted Festival, Denmark – great gig for us out here though a rather tiring round trip all in a day and a half!

Broadstairs Folk Week – difficult to say how much I love this festival. Two days of solo gigs in a nice seaside town and at the best folk festival of the lot. Marvellous.

So that’s the gigging. Recording…well I’ve been recording my new solo album. I’ll be telling you much more about it in the months to come of course but I’m very excited! I also recorded with John Dowling so we’ll have our album for you when we tour in September:

02 September – STAFFORD County Staff Club

Tickets on the door – for details please contact Garry Copeland at

09 September – BATH Ring O Bells

Tickets on the door – for details please contact Matt Hemson at

13 September – BIRMINGHAM Kitchen Garden Cafe

16-17 September – NEWQUAY Cornish Bluegrass Festival

18 September – NORWICH Maddermarket Theatre

23 September – SUSSEX Music At The Buildings

25 September – LONDON Walthamstow Folk Club

30 September – 3 October – GERMANY Munich Bluegrass Camp

So yes, a busy old time has been had and is still happening. Can’t deny I wish I’d learned my lesson from 2013 when I went to the Outer Hebrides for a week that it is important to have a genuine holiday once a year! I’ll try and bear that in mind next year but it’s all exciting stuff at least. I’ll leave you with this anyway, I ask did this really need translating that many times…