Nick Owen!

Dear all,


Well I’m glad to see that since my last entry, Jagger and the Stones proved why they are amazing and only goes to the show why the old prat shouldn’t have demanded more money for the BBC showing the whole set…which was blatantly what it was about.


Anyway, as for me I had a rather surreal experience last night! I was playing at the Cross in Kinver and who should turn up at one of my gigs but Nick Owen, legendary presenter of Midlands Today whom I have watched for many a year. It was a rather surreal moment to say the least when he walked in but the dear old chap seemed to enjoy boogieing around and clapping, emphasising the surreal aspect rather more. Anyway, it was a fun gig as was the set at the Great British Food Festival in the afternoon.


Coming up a set at National Forest Folk Festival next weekend, always a blast, and then the full band are in action at the Gatehouse Theatre in Stafford on the 12th, something of a birthday gig for me as it is the day before my birthday hence being something of a birthday gig rather than an actual bona fide birthday gig. I didn’t need to say that.


Anyway, to return to a previous rant a little bit – bloody hen parties. I mean is there a British institution more hateful than stag and hen parties? I’m not talking about the nice ones who just go out for a drink and don’t act like a twit. I mean the loathsome baffoons who go out with the express intention of being as ‘mad’ as possible. What ‘mad’ actually means is to drink a lot, act like a twit (because they generally are, the drink is not the reason to dispel a popular myth) by being loud, singing (badly), making suggestive remarks and generally being a twit. Did I mention they’re twits? Anyway, the reason this rant has come up again is I write to you from a virgin train (with by the way bloody expensive wifi) and on the platform at Crewe were a hen party of women old enough to know better (but they are twits therefore never will). They sang (badly) a lot and drew as much attention as possible to themselves by saying ‘we’re only on til Preston everyone don’t worry’ and ‘sorry we’re mad’ and ‘you must be dreading travelling with us you lot’. Now don’t get me wrong, they were right but the subtext is the point here. What they were actually saying was ‘we want to be the centre of attention and we’re really funny by behaving like this, everyone’s chuckling away and thinks we’re mad’. Should anyone who goes on stag and hen parties who behaves in this manner be reading this blog (which I slightly doubt) then please allow me to dispel this cobblers:




So don’t do it.