Patreon pages – and a long overdue blog…

Dear all,

I am delighted to announce the launch of my subscription pages on Patreon. Find it here:

I’ve been asked for ages to do some sort of online zone so now seemed the time! On it you’ll find lots of exclusive video performances, banjo tabs and instructional videos. Here’s the full breakdown:

£6 – Just The Performances
For those of you who are followers of me but not banjo players…this tier entitles you to two exclusive performance videos a month, one video a month looking in-depth at a song/tune and occasional perks like first listens, Q&A and giveaways

£12 – Banjo Tabs
All the above plus two banjo tabs per month of various difficulties

£18 – Banjo Heaven
All the above plus video lessons to accompany each tab plus two exclusive videos a month spoitlighting a particular area of banjo technique

There’s a few subscribers on already which I’m very pleased about! Do subscribe and join them! It all goes to a very worthy cause…

So I haven’t written a blog for quite a while. What a strange time it’s been eh? I’ve been up and down like West Bromwich Albion to be totally honest with you. I can broadly divide this year as follows:
1) The buzz of a live gig recording in the UK and then a tour in Australia
2) Returning and looking forward to my tours
3) The dawning realisation that this virus lark might be a bit more serious than swine flu was…
4) The utter devastation and misery at losing two tours of Canada, two band tours, a UK solo tour and a festival season
5) Perking up as I embraced the novelties of live streaming and music making all at home
6) Utter misery as I pined for touring and travel
7) A vague return to normal mood

And I guess that’s where I am…Thanks largely to my banjo students I have maintained an income and had social interaction! I’ve loved the teaching and it genuinely has kept me sane a lot of the time. I have also rather enjoyed the live streams, zoom gigs and recording work too. Particularly exciting was heading to London to record a banjo part on the new Ward Thomas album which was a lot of fun to do…especially as I only had three working left hand fingers at the time owing to an incident with a sardine tin. I’m fine now thankfully apart from a very small numb patch on my finger. Twit.

Otherwise I’m continuing to keep on keeping on. My second tab book is in the works – I’ve been arranging Irish tunes from the legendary O’Neill’s collection so I’m excited to be releasing that quite soon. I’m also writing plenty of new material and as many of you who follow me on facebook and such like will have noticed I’ve been doing my split screen collaborations with some mighty musicians including the legendary Sharon Shannon no less! I’ve got a MEGA exciting one coming up as well. Seriously can’t wait…anyway if you want to catch up on these videos head to my youtube channel.

Stay well everyone!