Please come up with a name!

Dear all,


I’m going to go to the title straight away here: PLEASE HELP ME COME UP WITH A NAME! Basically, I am going to tour in November with a British-Indian fusion trio, very exciting. However, I’m dashed if I can think of a name for it. It needs to be obvious what is without being ridiculous. So Afro Celt Sound System was a good example – does exactly what it says on the tin and isn’t crap. While Nic’s suggestion of Royal Britabla undeniably made me laugh, it doesn’t quite do the job…


Anyway while you’re pondering on that, let me tell you what’s been happening. So last time I wrote from a phenomenally wet Truro ahead of my gig at the Eden Project Cafe in St Austell which was certainly an enjoyable gig if a tad more intimate than planned! However, the weather was shite so it was hardly surprising and actually the people made it a lovely gig so thanks to them. Contrarily, Jacob’s Ladder in Falmouth was heaving in a ‘health-and-safety-nightmare’ kind of way so that was fun. I got to see Jeremy Searle unexpectedly. He lives in Leicester. Not in Cornwall. But that was a nice surprise but best of all I got to play for the first time in too long with the extraordinary Dave Hart, a wonderful harmonica player, singer and teachester. He joined me for a few songs and I stayed on board his self built boat. I had a rather fun experience of raising my head out the top of the boat in the morning and finding a swan’s face in front of mine. I subsequently learned this stemmed from Dave’s foolish mistake of feeding them one morning.


Then it was to Montacute for a cracking gig at a packed out Montacute Village Hall organised by my wonderful friends the Cooney family. It was a joy from start to finish and a great night had by all it seemed. I even got to meet an uber-fan who was the support act and fellow banjo player in his band. I was extremely flattered especially as he was no mean player himself! Then I finished off my Southwest bit in Bath with a lunchtime gig at the Bell which was, well I don’t quite know where to start. I played this place with Will a few years ago and it was alright don’t get me wrong but quietish and solid rather than spectactular. Well I don’t know what’s happend but it was bloody spectactular this time! It was unbelievably heaving and the crowd seemed to love it all and I had so much fun! So thanks to all, especially the couple who then came to see me in Stourbridge yesterday too!


Between Somerset and Stourbridge I was in London for Live Music Now work with Nic which was utterly brilliant and fabulously rewarding. Particularly so in the homeless shelter where we’ve been playing every week through March. One gentleman, very shy, really came out of himself yesterday and that was lovely. It’s amazing how music can help to bring people out of themselves and Live Music Now gives Nic and I the opportunity to do that so often. Music I don’t think is a universal language as it can mean so many different things to different people, but a universal communicator it undoubtedly is.


Wow I think I’ve just written a thesis for my next article! Anyway I’d like to rant about facebook and linkedin. The latter is simple – stop sending me emails. Firstly I was bombarded with no end of emails from people inviting me to join it. This was irritating but tolerable until the dashed thing then sent me reminders that people had invited me! Now I have joined the ruddy thing, it sends me emails every time someone has connected with me saying ‘see what Paul has been up to on…’. Now I don’t want to see what Paul has been up to. If I’ve been wondering what Paul is up to, I will ring Paul and ask. Then I go to settings and make it clear I wish to recieve no emails. But they still arrive. Gits.


Anyway facebook which I have ranted about many times before. When people post cryptic stati designed to make people ask them questions. So for example:


‘I’m so annoyed, people are so horrible’

‘I should just go and end it all after what’s happened’

‘I’ve had such a bad day people are so…’


If you want to say something to us all and get a lot of attention – JUST SAY WHAT IT IS!