Dear all,

Apologies for a bit of a delay since the last bloggage, it has been a manic old time. Lots of gigs to tell you about so without further ado I shall bring things up to date after the end of my mammoth spring solo tour.

07/04 – Green Note, London

One of my favourite venues and once again it was lovely. Marvellous.

10/04 – Swan, Staunton

A return to pub gigging and I rather enjoyed it! Knocked out a few Saw Doctors song I hadn’t played in a long long time owing to some big Saw Doctors fans being amongst those present.

11/04 – Kingswood Wine Vaults, Bristol

Well this was quite a night. Thanks one and all, I had an absolute ball and a good old drink and rant with a few folks afterwards too which always helps I find. A mammoth set is testament to how much I was enjoying myself!

12/04 – Nailsea Tithe Barn

Another lovely night this one though a little less crazy than the night before! Lovely crowd, great stuff.

15/04 – Byre Theatre, St Andrews

And up to bonny Scotland on a bonny day and the crowd were…well bonny. Lovely night.

16/04 – Newcastle University

A really special gig this one – I bloody love this city.

17/04 – Grog and Gruel, Fort William

Fort William is just beautiful and the weather was glorious (see photo below). As ever the Grog did also not disappoint.

18/04 – Market Bar, Inverness

Got to love Inverness. The Market Bar is one of a kind.

19/04 – St Boswells Village Hall

A great night to round things off with a lovely crowd and a great hall.

Sorry I know it all sounds very positive but I had a great time! Silly and funny things happened of course but more on that later. For now, I just want to thank everyone for giving me such a wonderful tour. I came home knackered but in very good spirits.

And so onto UFQ as we tour through May and June. We’ve already started with lovely gigs up in Sheffield and down in Guildford and both were delightful. The former was a lively sort of affair while the latter was very civilised and both were just great. We’re playing lots of place these next few weeks so do check out the gig page.

So then, I’ve been touring around so surely something ridiculous must have happened. Well of course it has. I was driving the other week and all of a sudden was horrified to see in my mirror a police car following me with lights flashing etc. I couldn’t for the life of me think what I could be doing wrong – I wasn’t speeding, I was a long way from the car in front, my car is taxed and MOT-ed. What on earth could it be? Anyway it’s best not to dwell on that thought for too long as they rather want you to stop quickly and I’m not much of a rebel on these occasions (not that I’ve been pulled over before incidently). So over I pulled and a policeman comes to my window and says ‘you’re not who we thought you were’. Rather surprised by this I simply said, ‘well who did you think I was’. It turns out they thought my car was one they’d pulled over recently and banned the driver for lack of insurance or a license…but it wasn’t.