Simply food…and tights?!

Dear all,

Well my five nights of gigs last week was as enjoyable as I expected and then some. First up was a return to Baldock Folk Club and it was as much of a joy as last time with plenty of banter and fun and I really enjoyed playing a solo gig again. So many thanks to them and also all at Uxbridge Folk Club who gave me a lovely evening as well albeit a slightly quieter one. Then it was back to Walsh and Pound action with a gig at the Kalamazoo Club in London which was good if slightly off form on my part I thought. However, the next night was truly amazing as Walsh and Pound played to a sold out Rodewald Suite at the Liverpool Philarmonic Hall and it was in my opinion the greatest Walsh and Pound gig ever. Thanks to the legendary Scouse wit there was plenty of banter flying around all night which was highly entertaining and everything just seemed to go well. Marvellous! Finally to round off the gigging was a return to the beloved Angel, Wooler with Simma for a fun covers fest which as ever was cracking fun.

So…I popped into Wetherby services on the way from Liverpool to Newcastle (by the way why does everyone get so excited about it, it’s only a service station?!) to buy some food from the Marks and Spencer (very middle class I know…) for my lunch (a ham and egg roll and a cheesecake slice if you were wondering, or maybe you’re just thinking I should stop putting brackets in everywhere…). So yes Marks and Spencer Simply Food was the name of the outlet, which makes sense. Except…as well as the food and drink displayed all over the store was one single section of…tights! Because obviously these are always essential and therefore must be in a simply food shop even if nothing except…food and drink is. I mean I know I’m not a woman (although some have speculated, there I go with my ruddy brackets again) but I wasn’t aware they were of the utmost importance when purchasing a ham and egg roll!