Stupid bloody timeline

Dear all,

A marvellous weekend last weekend starting with a welcome return to gigging with Kathryn Davidson at Tarset Village Hall in Northumberland. It was a cracking night and Sunday was great too playing the Hexham gathering in..well..Hexham with the Pound. In between the two gigs was one of my oldest and dearest friends’ wedding which was absolutely lovely and I even did a bit of playing for it too.

Coming up tonight Walsh and Pound play the Unity Theatre in Liverpool and if it’s anything like our last Liverpool outing we’re in for a treat! Then I’m off to Newcastle for the Green Festival where I’ll play a fairly brief solo spot while on Monday I’ll be in action in Stafford at the Swan from 1-4 if anyone’s around. Well even if they’re not I’ll still have to be there, but you know what I mean. Why do I keep typing when I’m talking utter b***ocks?

Anyway, album things are getting exciting I’ve now seen the artwork and it looks fantastic (well other than the fact there’s a big picture of me on the front…) so things are forging ahead finally. I’m so excited about it, I think it sounds grand. I’ll post more details as they come.

The blog about the folk degree certainly stimulated lively discussion both by emails and on facecrap so thanks to all who read it. A lot of the discussion seemed to lead on to folk clubs so I’ll be blogging about that soon as well. I’ll also update my football blog which I’ve woefully neglected of late so I’ll do that in a minute as well. Football fans amongst you it’s

Now as you know facebook is something I got only with great reluctance. It is full of astronomically pointless features and information as I may just have mentioned before. I noticed recently that everyone was getting this new timeline profile which is a more confusing and staggeringly unneccessary ‘upgrade’ from the normal template. It appeared to be optional although plenty of people complained that they were being converted to it without asking for it and even more complained that having tried it they wanted to change back and couldn’t. Well I didn’t want the bleeding thing but of course the other day the icons on the screen actually moved as I went to click something else so I accidentally clicked ‘get timeline’. I frantically pressed stop, I even shouted ‘oh for f**k’s sake don’t give me that f**king uselss pile of ****ing ****’ but all to no avail. So now I’m going to be stuck with the sodding thing as well. Please anyone email who actually likes it.