The Walsh travel curse

Dear all,

Well a great night was had by myself and Christi Andropolis last night with a cracking gig at the Ritz Acoustic Club, Burnham on Sea. Christi was on fire and blew the crowd away with her ‘shouldn’t come out of someone who’s only 5 feet tall’ voice. Thanks to everyone who came out and looking forward to folkfest now as well!

Now perhaps you’d like to hear about the journey down…while on the M5 I suddenly felt the car rumble and vibrate and generally not sound or feel too good so said to Christi ‘I think we’ll pull over at the next service if that’s ok’. Then I looked to my right and the passenger in the car was signalling furiously that my tyre was rather flat. And by jove it was! By the time I pulled over it was as flat as a pancake. However, the bit in between was a little trying. Upon realising the situation, I put my hazard lights on slowed down. The problem with pulling over to the hard shoulder is when some plank decides that it’s a good idea to lay out p**sing, sodding traffic cones all along so that you can’t actually get onto it (with what purpose in mind exactly?) so I had to slow down to a speed slow enough to pull over. Now I would imagine that a car with an obviously f**ked tyre, hazard lights and braking would be fairly clear that if you’re following it, either slow down as well or f**k off out of the way. The lorry driver behind me didn’t seem to cotton onto this. Obviously a turd bollock.

Anyway, once on the hard shoulder I called the AA who as ever were wonderfully prompt and changed my tyre easily (yes I am too much of a muppet to reliably do it myself). I also played the banjo which means I have now played the banjo on two different British motorways. Video and photo to follow…