TOURS!!! (UFQ and with Meaghan Blanchard)

Dear all,

A bit of a plug-filled blog this time round. I have tours, oh such tours, I have such tours and tours and…er…gigs.

I’m at the tail end of a mini solo tour which ends with:

25/09 – Uxbridge Folk Club, London
28/09 – Walthamstow Folk Club, London
30/09 – Bicycle Shop, Norwich (featuring Nic Zuppardi)

Then it’s UFQ autumn tour time:

September 27th TRITON INN, Brantingham, East Yorkshire

October 5th Hitchin Folk Club

October 9th Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury

Oct 11th Oxenhall Parish Hall, Gloucestershire

October 12th Farnham Maltings, Surrey

October 15th Kirk Langley Village Hall, Derbyshire

October 16th Taddington Village Institute, Derbyshire

October 17th Denstone Village Hall, Staffordshire

October 18th Fillongley Village Hall, Coventry

October 24th Huntingdon Hall, Worcester

October 27th Colchester Folk Club

October 31st Edge Hill Arts Centre, Ormskirk

November 1st MAC, Birmingham

November 7th Brockweir Mackenzie Hall, Chepstow

November 8th May Hill Village Hall, Gloucestershire

Then a very special tour with Canadian singer Meaghan Blanchard:

12 Nov 2014
07:30 pm
with Meaghan Blanchard Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford
13 Nov 2014
07:30 pm
with Meaghan Blanchard Cecil Sharp House, London
14 Nov 2014
07:30 pm
with Meaghan Blanchard Spring Bank Arts Centre, New Mills, Derbyshire
15 Nov 2014 with Meaghan Blanchard AFO Conference (not public), Nottingham
16 Nov 2014
07:30 pm
with Meaghan Blanchard Old Launderette, Durham
17 Nov 2014
08:00 pm
with Meaghan Blanchard House Concert, Edinburgh (email for details)
18 Nov 2014
07:30 pm
with Meaghan Blanchard Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham
21 Nov 2014
07:30 pm
with Meaghan Blanchard Maverick Events at the White Horse, Easton

Wow the fonts in the blog have gone crazy! But anyway that’s the giggage coming up and very excited I am too. So a little report on things that have been happening…After a great time in the studio recording my new solo album it was back to giggery with two food-themed gigs – Sturminster Cheese Festival with UFQ and then a solo slot at the Great British Food Festival. Both were rather good and I ate well. Then a couple of solo shows at St Neot’s Folk Club and at Shakespeare’s in Sheffield. A lovely audience for both gigs and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Then from the Sheffield gig I drove to Liverpool to catch a 3am ferry to Ireland. Silly boy. Anyway after an eight hour ferry ride of not sleeping I headed to Navan to play the Spirit of Folk festival which by all accounts was an absolute belter. The reception great and I enjoyed some cracking music from a variety of bands but special mention must go to In Their Thousands with whom I had some great craic and one of my all time favourite bands Kila who as ever were just stunning. Then it was off to Galway, a magical city with music on every corner quite literally. I have never come across anywhere so enveloped by music and my gig at Monroe’s was ever a blast. Finally, the wonder that is Ballymore Acoustic Gigs with its incredibly attentive audience and first rate pints of Guinness! Great to meet Buddy Mondlock and Mike Lindauer who shared the bill and were great company and of course outstanding musicians.

Then back I came on the ferry which was mind numblingly tedious until the last few hours when my beloved Liverpool team appeared on the telly and played well into extra time and a record length of penalty shootout which kept me much entertained and rather tense! I spend a lot of time ranting on this blog but I feel the need to redress the balance here. I overheard a couple of young German girls chatting to a typically gregarious scouse couple and after a bit of chat the Germans asked if the scousers knew anywhere to park for free in Liverpool so they wouldn’t pay exorbitant charges whilst staying wherever they were staying. The reaction of the scouse couple – use our drive! You can even come in and have a cuppa if you like. Use our drive while you’re here as much as you need.

That, people, is why I bloody love Liverpool.