Yes middle lane hogging IS bloody annoying…

Dear all,

I write to you from Stafford library as my computer appears to have officially said other words it’s buggered. The blue screen of death appears every time I try and boot up so that essentially means you can keep fixing it and it’ll work for ten minutes before returning to deathly blue…

Anyway that’s not interesting…what have I been doing. Well I played Bath Banjo Festival in a quite phenomenally wet Marshfield which isn’t actually Bath. It was a fun gig and much enjoyed hearing Leon Hunt again as well as meeting a fan at my workshop in the afternoon which is always nice of course.

Then it was off to Middlewich for a folk and boat festival which was certainly a blast and best of all I got to see some amazing Canadian musicians I met back at the tail end of last year. I was even invited up to play some banjo with them which was really great and a terrific session was had long into the night with them, a fiendishly talented pair of young brothers and some really annoying punters who were eventually persauded to go elsewhere.

Since then I’ve been off to Brighton to play the Folk Off Sessions which was a blast and then this weekend just gone I was in Lincolnshire to play Coggfest, a wee invite-only festival inhabited by some of my favourite people. It was rather a good way to spend a weekend.

So then they’ve introduced a potential law fining people for hogging the middle lane. I do think it will be quite hard to enforce but god am I glad that attention is being drawn to it. These dozy tools who stay in the middle lane and cause congestion, frustration and accidents are a menace. But I’ve been startled by some of the letters I’ve seen in response to the issue in the papers. One bright spark said ‘why not just leave the left lane for entering and leaving the motorway and just drive in middle and outside the rest of the time’…well do you know why you unmitigated twerp? Because our motorways can’t cope with three lanes of traffic let alone two?! Imagine on the M6 or M1 having only lane free to go past lorries. So he’s a burke.

If you’re not overtaking…DRIVE ON THE LEFT.